A b o u t   t h e   C a r l   R o s a  T r u s t

Kathryn Rudge at LiverpoolSTOP PRESS! We have an exhibition at Liverpool Central Library, in the Picton Room on the first floor - it runs until November 30, and you can see original manuscripts, cast photos, plans for scenery, programmes, and a great deal more. The Library is very near LIme Street station, so it's easy to get to. Please email us if you visit - we'd love to hear from you!

The photo shows the wonderful Liverpool-born mezzo Kathryn Rudge, who came to visit the exhibition. On the left is Anthony Phillips, grandson of HB Phillips, who owned and ran the Company for many years. On the right are Valerie Langfield and Dan Stinson, on the Carl Rosa committee.

The Carl Rosa Opera Company still holds the record as the longest-running and most successful travelling opera company in British history. After successful seasons touring opera in English in the United States of America during the late 1860s, Carl Rosa (1842–1889) and his wife Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa (1836–1874) organised their first season in Manchester in 1873. The new Company was called the Carl Rosa Opera Company and toured the length and breadth of Britain from then until its final performance in London (Don Giovanni at the Prince’s Theatre) on 17th September 1960.

Carl and Euphroysyne

The Carl Rosa Trust Ltd was established in May 1953 through an agreement made between Annette Phillips (then Artistic and Managing Director of the Carl Rosa Company) and the Arts Council of Great Britain. From 1953 to 1960 the Trust was responsible for the running and administration of the Company.

Since 1960, when the Carl Rosa Opera Company gave its last performance, the Carl Rosa Trust has used its resources to support opera singers by awarding grants. The Carl Rosa Trust is active today in its role as sole custodian of the Carl Rosa Archive.